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Kamis, 15 Agustus 2013

Pesatren Unggulan SMP IT ( Islamic Boarding School )

Mengenal Islamic Boarding School 
Profile Al Binaa
The birth BOARDING AL Binaa

Among the programs for education by AL Binaa in the long-term work plan is to build a system Boarding Institutions with better known in Indonesia as the Islamic School. It is intended to look at a variety of educational and propaganda phenomenon in Indonesia that is still very low when viewed on a variety of dimensions. Starting from such a weak government plays its position in the field of education so that the educational budget is extremely disproportionate and not get better. Out put of education until this sa'at ditataran still feels his touch as the user community will be qualified graduates. The phenomenon of morality and social norms of all sorts of layers decreases and tends to ignore the values ​​of faith even propriety values ​​that had been held tightly Indonesian society. Not to mention the invasion of imported cultures are ignoring Islamic values ​​even when the real-time deviation invited to various moral, morality, faith and conviction and proselytizing.

Ukhuwwah Binaa'ul Foundation (YBU) see that education is one of the perfect solution as a long-term reform efforts in shaping the community who excelled in the field of general science that intelligent human terlahirnya also intellectually superior in religious sciences (Sharai) so intelligent heart, principles and personalities. Which if abbreviated in easy language so that a person with the proper and correct tawheed according to the Qur'an and the Sunnah. If being an intellectual snob and will not disobey Allah and His Prophet. If so scholars would not dare to change the laws and ordinances of Allah and His Prophet. The point will be born persons with a principle as those who merely fear only Allah wa ta'ala subahabhu alone. So from the very beginning of establishment YBU, priority boarding school is almost a discourse in every meeting, gathering and discussion YBU officials. Even the formation of Islamic waqf land acquisition committee has shown the seriousness of the entire board in YBU. 

Search for land that is considered strategic and immediately began the tireless efforts made not just once a week but sometimes two to three days a week when there are many of the managers who have a myriad of busyness.And thank God at the end of the year 1424 H we have had adequate means of educational institutions belonging to partly even people who've been as exclusive and luxurious boarding. Spread over a land area of ​​sixty thousand square meters (6 acres) and has stood on top of the building is very permanent. Starting from waqaf H.Muhammad Mr. Yasin, one of the community leaders Bekasi noble hearts with six acres of land mewaqafkan then added twelve acres of land and all he diwaqafkan to YBU be 20 ha. All the land has been transferred in the waqf certificate and binding in accordance with the applicable legislation.Thus, the Foundation Binaa'ul Ukhuwwah as an organizer of educational institutions issued a decree on the establishment of the Islamic Education Institute by the name AL Binaa ISLAMIC BOARDING SCHOOL which was inaugurated by the Vice-President Mr DR. H. Hamzah Haz on December 5 Jumada al-Ula 1425 H coincides with the 23 June 2004 M, which has the motto:"Fostering Faith, Science and Morals"As for naming the AL Binaa own boarding school linked to two causes:Because the institution was established by the Foundation Binaa'ul Ukhuwwah (YBU) then AL Binaa stands YBURelating to the functioning of educational institutions AL Binaa which means fostering and building. Of course that is nurtured and built aqidah and keisalaman students also science in general.Why AL Binaa must be 'Ma'had' or 'boarding'? and why ranging from junior high? Answer why should 'ma'had' or boarding because:

Two curriculum learning can not be effective without boardingLearning to rely on the system just hung up on the soul train classically trained less malleable independence and socialization

Balancing freedom of soul searching period identity junior-high school age students with an introduction and understanding of the value of good Islamic Aqeedah, morality and worship. It was adopted in real terms which is difficult if not wearing boarding system.

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